Flauto Tedesco Italian

Audsley lists this stop with the following description:

The name give by the old Italian organ-builders to an open wood stop, of medium scale, and 8 ft. pitch. The stop resembles, both in the form and tone of its pipes, the English Clarabella. Examples are to be found in several Italian Organs; as in the North Organ in the Cathedral of Milan; and in the Organ in the Church of Santa Maria des Vignes, Genoa. It also existed in the old Organ, by Hermann, in the Church of Santa Maria di Carignano, Genoa; but was removed when the present Organ was constructed by Bianchi in 1863.

Wedgwood also lists it, but describes it only as “Italian for Flute”. In fact, the Italian translates as “German flute”. The similar name Flauto Tedesca is mentioned by Audsley in a footnote to his entry for Clarabella.


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