Flauto Dulcio Italian?
Flauto Dulcis Italian?
Dulzflöte German

Flauto Dulcio is listed only by Wedgwood, who says:

(Lat.) Dulcis = sweet. 8 ft.; 4 ft.
According to Seidel, an open wood Flute register, of small scale, with a sweet pleasant tone. Schlimbach states that it is practically a small-scaled Offenflöte. Flauto Dulcio is also a synonym for Flauto Dolce.


See Flauto Dolce for examples of Dulzflöte. No examples of Flauto Dulcio or Flauto Dulcis are known. Contributions welcome.


Wedgwood[1]: Flauto Dulcio.
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