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Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A solo Reed of 8' on the manuals having a tone color that resembles an intensely brassy and also very reedy Trompette of moderate volume. It is somewhat thin in voice and there is a mere suggestion of the Basset Horn quality in it. The high and blatant harmonics are pointed up, although the fundamental prime tone is audible. It is a solo stop for the unusual effect, and an ensemble stop for the louder Reed combinations. There are not many examples around, but there is one in the Midmer Losh organ in the Convention Hall, Atlantic City [New Jersey, USA, 1929-32], designed by Senator Emerson Richards. It is in the Gallery IV division, which is made up altogether of very bright Reeds. It is on 25 inches of wind and has exponentially curved resonators of very slender scale, the flare being mostly at the top of the bells.

Maclean also mentions it, saying that the Atlantic City example was a stop of the Tuba class with brass resonators, made by Anton Gottfried.


Irwin[1]: Egyptian Horn. Maclean[1]: Tuba.
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