Echo Diapason English
Echo Principal English
Montre Echo French?

A softer and smaller scaled Diapason. Audsley describes its tone as being midway between a Diapason and a Dulciana. He recommends a maximum wind pressure of 2 1/2", and gives the following scale, ratio 1:2.66, 2/9 mouth or less.


Audsley also specifies that the upper lip not be leathered, and that the pipes not be slotted.

Echo Principal and Montre Echo are mentioned only in passing by Irwin and Locher, respectively; insofar as Principal and Montre are synonyms for Diapason, we consider Echo Principal and Montre Echo to be synonyms for Echo Diapason.

Compare with Stillprincipal.


No examples of Echo Principal or Montre Echo are known (contributions welcome). Osiris contains but a single example of Echo Diapason:

Echo Diapason 8', Choir; Winchester College Chapel, Winchester, England; Norman & Beard 1908.


Audsley[1]: Echo Diapason. Irwin[1]: Dulciana; Echo Diapason; Lieblichnasat. Locher[1]: Montre.
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