Dulciana Mixture English

Wedgwood lists this stop with the following description:

A Mixture stop of quiet silvery tone, though scarcely of Dulciana scaled pipes. A very great acquisition to an organ of moderate size. The Dulciana Mixture is generally enclosed in a swell box. St. Mark, Leeds (Binns); York Minster (Walker); Echo Organ, Norwich Cathedral, VI ranks (Norman & Beard - a most effective stop [but no longer extant - Ed.]).

Sumner describes it as a soft compound stop formed of dulciana pipes and often found on choir organs or on the swell organs of smaller instruments. Sumner and Wedgwood both equate this stop with the Echo Cornet.


Dulciana Mixture II (19, 22), Choir; Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Hill 1861, 1903.

Dulciana Mixture II (12, 15), Choir; Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, Singapore; Walker 1962. (Unified from an 8' Dulciana.)

Dulciana Mixture III (15, 19, 22), Choir; Durham Cathedral, Durham, England; Harrison & Harrison 1970.

Dulciana Mixture IV, Echo Organ; Town Hall, Leeds, England; Gray & Davison 1859.

Dulciana Mixture V, Orchestral; Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Skinner 1928.


Sumner[1]: Dulciana Mixture. Wedgwood[1]: Cornet; Dulciana Mixture.
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