Double Vox Humana English

This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says:

On the manuals, this 16' pitch of the Vox Humana is usually seen only in the larger theater organs, perhaps with a whole Vox Humana chorus of 16', 8', and 4'. Other organs depend on the sub-octave coupler to obtain it at the 16' pitch. The 16' pedal Vox Humana should be referred to simply as Vox Humana. It is useful as a timbre creator with the lighter-toned flue ranks. Without the tremulant, this example of the Schnarrwerk of the short-resonator Reeds is useful in creating a contrasting tone in countermelody. This thin, covered, somewhat plaintive tone has the same functions as the Rankett and Regal. At this pitch the less guttural timbre is easier to blend.

Wedgwood also briefly mentions it:

The author may claim the extremely rare experience of having heard (at the factory of Mr. Gern) a Double Vox Humana pipe. Its tone was extremely fine, resembling a Vox Humana mingled with a sort of soft Bourdon accompaniment.


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