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Bass Clarionet English
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A Clarinet of 16' pitch. Wedgwood reports:

It was first introduced by Mr. Wedlake in his chamber organ for Mr. H. A. Hankey, London (1863), at the request of Mr. Augustus Tamplin, a celebrated executant of the day - especially for use in Meyerbeer's “Robert le Diable”.

Hopkins & Rimbault, the only source to mention the name Bass Clarionet, incorrectly equates it with the Corno di Bassetto and Krummhorn.


Osiris contains fourteen examples of Bass Clarinet, two examples of Double Clarinet, and one of Bass Clarionet, all at 16' pitch.

Bass Clarinet 16', Choir; City Hall, Hull, England; Forster & Andrews 1911.

Bass Clarinet 16', Solo; St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA; Austin 1925.

Double Clarinet 16', Choir; Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, Singapore; J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd, London, England 1962.

Double Clarinet 16', Orchestral; Royal Albert Hall, London, England; Henry Willis 1872.

Bass Clarionet 16', Great; First Presbyterian Church, Evansville, Illinois, USA; Fisk 1991.


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