Doppelgedackt German
Doppelgedeckt German

Audsley describes this as a type of Doppelflöte of large scale, the pipes being wider (relative to their depth) than those of the Doppelflöte. He describes its tone as “fuller and richer” than that of an ordinary Gedeckt. Irwin, on the other hand, describes it as being of smaller scale than the Doppelflöte, having a deeper and softer tone that is less full and liquid. Both of those sources list its pitches as 8' and 16'. Other sources mention this stop only in passing.




Osiris contains eleven examples at 8' pitch, and one at 16'.

Doppel Gedeckt 8', Great-Solo; Doppel Gedeckt 16', Choir-Swell; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh. (These are independent ranks.)

Doppelgedackt 8', Hauptwerk; Merseburg Cathedral, Merseburg, Germany; Ladegast 1853-55. (This stop was apparently renamed at some point to Doppelflöte.

Doppelgedackt 8', Manual I; Dom, Schwerin, Germany; Ladegast 1871 (restored 1980's).


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