Copula Minor Latin
Coppeloktave German
Koppel Octave German
Koppeloktav[e] German

Adlung writes:

A Koppeloktave 4' stands at present in the palace at Dresden in addition to an Oktave. Perhaps this means a Gemshorn 4'... Koppeloktave is also found in the stoplist [of the palace organ at Dresden] that Praetorius gives.

Audsley, in his entry for Koppel, writes: “This valuable stop in the old Organs was sometimes labeled ... Koppeloctave or Koppeloktav when of 4 ft. pitch. ... The 4 ft. stop [is found] under the name Copula Minor.”

See also Copula Major.


No examples of Coppeloktave, Koppel Octave or Koppeloktav[e] are known. Contributions welcome..

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Copula Minor 4', Hauptwerk; Church of the Virgin Mary Before the Tyn, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Hans Heinrich Mundt 1670-1682.


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