Contra Viol English
Contra Viole (unknown)

These names are mentioned only by Strony, who writes:

This is a term for a 16' string that normally appears only on the manuals. In most examples this is a TC stop, which means that the pipes go down to Tenor C; the bottom 16' octave is non-existent. However, a few instruments have examples where the pipes continue all the way down to 16' C. In these instruments, the stop appears in the pedal division. Some rare examples even have a matching celeste that goes all the way down to bottom 16' C.


Osiris contains ten examples of Contra Viole, none of which are in theatre organs, and thus are more likely to be synonyms for Contre Viole. The same source contains five examples of Contra Viol.

Contra Viol 16', Swell; The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, England; Hill, Norman & Beard 1933.

Contra Viol 16', Great, Pedal; John Ledwon residence, Agoura, California, USA; Wurlitzer.

Contra Viol 16'; RKO Palace, Rochester, New York, USA; Wurlitzer.

1st Contra Viol 16', 2nd Contra Viol 16', Choir; John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Contra Viol 16', Choir, String Organ II, Pedal; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmir-Losh. This instrument contains two independent Contra Viols.


Strony[1]: Contra Viole, Contra Viol.
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