Contra Dulciana English
Double Dulciana English
Dolciano Profundo Italian?

A Dulciana stop pitched an octave lower, at 16' or 32'. Wedgwood reports that the first Double Dulciana appears to have been introduced in 1828 by Bishop at “Acre Lane, Clapham”. Bonavia-Hunt gives the scale for a metal CCC (16') pipe as 6", and for the same pipe in wood, between 7" x 6" and 6" x 4 3/4". The name Dolciano Profundo was coined by Audsley for a 32' manual stop; it is not clear whether it has ever been used in a real organ.

Not to be confused with Contra Dulcian. See Dolciano.


Tenoroon Dulciana


Contra Dulciana 16', Choir; Town Hall, Sydney, Australia; Hill 1886-90.

Contra Dulciana 16', Choir; St. John's Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, USA; Kilgen 1938.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; Cathedral Church of St John, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; Hook 1851.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; First Congregational Society (Unitarian), Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1854.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; South Congregational Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1864.


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