Cantus Flute Latin/English

Jason Overall, president of the American firm of Goulding & Wood, describes this stop as follows:

We have recently begun building a new set of pipes. We call this new stop "Cantus Flute," as it is designed to play cantus melodies in the pedal. It is a 4' Open Wood Flute, useful for Baroque chorales with alto melodies in pedal, but we were more thinking of flute melodies such as in the 4th movement of the Widor V or the variation in the Duruflé Veni Creator. Scale is 2.25" x 2.58" (inside dimension), inverted mouths, wood pipes 1-32, tuning flaps on all pipes.
Compare with Choralbass.


All known examples are listed below.

Cantus Flute 4', Pedal; West End United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Moller 1983. Open metal.

Cantus Flute 4', Pedal; First Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, South Carolina, USA; Goulding & Wood 2002.

Cantus Flute 4', Pedal; Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, USA; Goulding & Wood 2003.


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