Boehm Flute English
Symphonic Flute English

This form of Orchestral Flute was developed in the 1990's by Schoenstein & Co. It features a variety of pipe forms throughout its compass to imitate as closely as possible the tones of the entire range of orchestral flutes, from contrabass flute to piccolo. The pipe forms include harmonic, double harmonic, and double mouth constructions. The name Boehm Flute takes its name from Theobald Böhm, who developed the fingering system for the modern orchestral flute.


Symphonic Flute; St. Paul's Church, Washington D.C., USA; Schoenstein.

Boehm Flute; First Plymouth Congregation Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; Schoenstein.


JAV Recordings Newsletter Vol. 1, Fall 1999.
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