Basse de Viole French

This stop is mentioned only by Dom Bedos, who says:

Another flue stop, still rather rare in France, is the Basse de Viole, of full manual compass, made of tin. It is placed either in the Grand orgue or the Positif. Its pipes are as long as 8' open pipes, but their scale is that of a Prestant. It is rather difficult to voice this stop so as to imitate a bass viol closely. Although it be an 8' stop, it is overblown to speak in unison with the Prestant. Some builders make this a compound stop, with a second rank sounding an octave higher than the first up to middle C, then breaking back unison for the rest of the rank. Others build the second rank otherwise, and they make the break differently.
Compare with Bass Viol; see Basse de ....


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