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While the term Bass is almost invariably used in conjunction with other names (generally to indicate a stop pitched lower than usual), a few examples exist of the name by itself. Strony reports that Wurlitzer used the name for the 16' Open Diapason on both manuals and pedals.

The German suffix bass indicates a stop that belongs to the pedal division. It does not (necessarily) indicate low pitch.


Bass 8', Pedal; St. John's R.C. Church, Chico, California, USA; Bigelow 1979. Extension of 16' Subbass.

Bass 8', Pedal; SS Peter & Paul Church, San Francisco, California, USA; Schoenstein 1987.

Bass 8', Pedal; University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA; Schoenstein. Extension of 16' Contra Bass.

Bass 16', Pedal; Temple Theatre, Hammond, Indiana, USA; Wurlitzer. Relocated elsewhere.


Strony[1]: Bass; Open Diapason.
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