Ballad Horn English

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

An 8' manual Reed stop whose timbre is quite like that of the Waldhorn. On theater and concert organs this name is used to designate a whole series of mellow, somewhat brassy, pleasant-toned horns voiced for the Solo manual. The Ballad Horn's smooth and pungent effect combines the best elements of the brass-like timbre and the warm quality of the Orchestral Horn. It is a very effective tone or playing the melody line, especially as heard in the popular and sentimental songs of the day. Most examples are harmonically full and a little on the big side in loudness. This is not a French or Orchestral Horn, and cannot be used for the same type of effects. Neither does it have any of the Baryton's thin tone. The resonators are of full length and may be flared in their top halves in addition to the normal flare in Horn stops.


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Irwin[1]: Ballad Horn.
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