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At this time, I am only including links to organ sites that I feel are of most interest to the organ researcher. This list will undoubtedly grow over time. A much more comprehensive list of links can be found at Pipe Organs and Related Topics.


American Theatre Organ Society   (
International Organ Foundation   (
includes a Pipe Organ Encyclopedia and a catalog of organ specifications
Organ Historical Society   (
The American Guild of Organists   (

Electronic Mailing Lists

An electronic mailing list whose members discuss musical, technical and historical aspects of organs of all kinds–classical, theater, electronic, reed, tracker, electropneumatic, etc.
A discussion list primarily for the owners and builders of their own home PIPE Organs. Other subscribers include suppliers and those who are interesting in getting more information before starting on their installations.

Other Organ-Related Links

Julian Rhodes' Dream Organs   (
lots of interesting stuff here
Osiris Archive of Pipe Organ Specifications   (
Organ History   (
A multimedia presentation.
Pipe Organ Education Project   (
The National Pipe Organ Register   (
An on-line database of British pipe organs.

Other Semi-Relevant Links

AddAll   (
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